Why video makes your brand stand out

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Video marketing is a powerful tool that can increase the credibility of your brand, helping you stand out from your competition. Creating engaging and compelling videos is one of the most effective means of building your brand’s image and increasing conversions. By using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your videos, you can easily generate hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of views that build brand awareness. YouTube videos with high view-counts are especially great for creating awareness because they are favored by search engines, helping companies land higher on page results. By utilizing video on various social media platforms, you not only increase your chances of having your company noticed, but you also strengthen the overall image of your brand. Higher search results drive traffic and put your sales team to work!

Demonstrate your Product or Service

Videos do a phenomenal job at demonstrating your products or services. They’re unique in that they can actually show what it is you do. There’s no leaving it up to the imagination of your audience or hoping that you used the right words to describe your business. Videos provide visual confirmation of the message being told, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Audiences can visualize themselves using your product because they understand exactly what it is and what it does. Videos clearly show and explain the benefits of your product, meaning that your customers can spend less time trying to figure out what you’re saying, and more time picturing themselves using your product.

Simple Messaging

Videos excel at consolidating complex information into simple messages. They also improve comprehension by utilizing 2 senses, sight and sound, instead of just depending on sight.

With a condensed message and improved comprehension, viewers can be impacted long after they initially watch your video. As they go about their day and experience the complications your product solves, they’ll think back to your video and consider the help your company can offer. A strong value proposition combined with a simple, yet powerful video helps your brand break through the clutter and stay in your audience’s mind.


Video marketing is one of the most, if the not the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Videos can be short, informational, and easily shared online. If your video is especially engaging, people will post it on their blogs or talk about it with their friends, helping your company reach a larger audience than originally planned. Videos are a one-time cost that can be shared or used in a myriad of ways. When marketed effectively, the revenue brought in from a single video can greatly exceed the video’s production costs and continue to bring in revenue for several years.

Whether your video is intended to entertain, inform, or inspire your audience, a compelling video has the potential of being shared time and time again, giving your brand a leg up on the competition.