What makes a good company intro video?

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A company intro video–also known as an explainer video–is designed to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. Be warned, we’ll be interchanging these phrases throughout so they stick in your head! This video type is a powerful tool for companies because they can educate prospects and showcase brand personality without being too “in your face” for a potential customer. But how do they do this? And what are the qualities of the best company intro videos out there? In this post, we’ll answer those questions!

Captures the “Why” of Your Company

A typical company intro video should be no more than ninety seconds long because that’s the maximum amount of time you could expect to hold a prospect’s interest. And by “capturing the Why” of your company, we mean your video should achieve all of these things within those ninety seconds:

  • Speak to customer pain points
  • Clearly communicate the problem your solution solves
  • Showcase your brand personality
  • Communicate your value proposition
  • Build trust through transparency

The key to being able to achieve all this is writing a very high quality script. The script is the backbone of your video and all visuals and audio should be there to enhance it. Here’s an example of an explainer video that does a great job of keeping its script so simple that any prospect could understand and relate to the pain points it’s solving!

corporate explainer video

Tells a Story

An explainer video is a marketing tool; not an advertising tool. The difference lies in how it’s presented to your prospect. Advertisements are thrown into people’s faces in the form of pop-up videos, banner ads, or clickbait. They use tactics like offering discounts or free trials to catch a prospect’s eye. There’s definitely a time and place to use advertisements, but not with a company intro video.

You want to use a marketing approach with a company intro video, where you’re telling the story of your company–or even a pretend prospect’s buyer’s journey–through your video. A great place for your explainer video to live for maximum exposure but without being thrown in your prospects’ faces is on the homepage of your website. 

If they’re already on your website, then there is already some level of interest in your company. Use this video to connect with their emotions by telling a story. Save the discounts or free trial offers with your advertisements. People connect with stories.

Has High Video Production Quality

Nothing could ruin the potential punch your company intro video can pack than poor audio quality or visual quality. How can prospects be moved by your story if they can’t hear it? Or, how can they focus on the pain points your video shares if there are distracting things happening in the background of your camera’s shot? 

Here’s our own example of an explainer video with high video production quality. The second your video starts playing, it sets the stage for the rest of it and you want viewers to be instantly impressed. There are a few video styles you can choose from:

  • Animated
  • Live-action
  • Screenshare
  • Combo of the above three

If you’re using animation, you’ll need to either hire a video production company who specializes in animation or– if you’re lucky–you already have an in-house team that can do it. If you’re a small company with next to no video production experience, fear not! Now is the time to learn. 

You can rent green-screen rooms or even make your own green screen background so you have a clear background to film on. Or, skip the green screen aspect and simply set up a nice, clean room for recording with soft but bright lighting. If you’re really uncomfortable with live-action shooting, use screenshots and a voiceover to create your explainer video. 

The options are endless! And again–the more you can integrate your company’s personality into the video, the better. People want to feel like they know your company and understand your values. Now get creative, and have fun!