What are company intro videos?

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As technology advances, the use of company intro videos is becoming a popular marketing tool. Biteable found that 81% of businesses are incorporating video into their marketing plan–and for good reason. Video can demonstrate company value in ways that text or photos cannot by adding an “in-action” element. It can lead to quicker and more effective prospect education of your business.

What is a company intro video?

A company intro video can explain what your business does, what product or service you sell and why people should buy it. Consider this type of video as a snap shot of your company. The video should not only include the most important points about your company, but also generate excitement. 

An intro video should generally be 30-90 seconds long and capture your audience within the first five to ten seconds. Choosing a creative video style that reflects your company’s personality can help engage your audience and leave them wanting to learn more. An animated explainer video is one way to captivate your audience. Animation is a creative way to explain services or intangible products, and allows for easy updates and edits when company adjustments are made.

Live action is another style of company intro videos, or explainer videos, that is great for showcasing people-oriented services, introducing employees, displaying a location or telling a story. By using real people in your company into video, you can create more of an emotional connection with your audience.

company intro video recording

Where should you use your company intro video?

Company intro videos are a form of video marketing that can help achieve many top-of-the-funnel marketing goals. They can be used to increase brand awareness, especially on social media platforms. Social media posts that include a video perform 48% better than posts without video. Also, placing an explainer video on your home page can keep site visitors for up to two times longer and improve SEO rankings.

Hubspot recently reported that video is the preferred method of content consumption. 59% of executives prefer to watch video than read text. An explainer video can convince a prospect to take the next step with your company. A quick, easy, visual explanation can help someone clearly understand how your product solves their problem. Additionally, a company intro video can be used for new employee orientation, an investor pitch, as part of an e-mail signature or even to increase conversions.

How do you know if your video is successful?

Measuring video engagement is important. Tools like Google Analytics can break performance down by plays, pauses, and viewing length. Reviewing analytics allows you to pinpoint a part in a video where viewers drop off in order to make tweaks or adjustments to improve viewership performance. 

Analytics integration tools like Wistia work with your Google Analytics platform to provide even more in-depth measurements.  Combining Wistia and Google Analytics allows you to create custom tracking events and keep all your top-level video analytics data in the same place you already get your other website tracking information. 

There are many benefits to incorporating company intro videos into your marketing plan. Our team here at Render Pilots can help you take the next step. Keep your digital literacy and marketing strategies up-to-date by leveraging video in your marketing efforts!