How Our Video Production Process Works

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So, you’re thinking of hiring a video production team to make your next video? Why not us! We think we have a pretty rock-solid process, but let’s talk more about it so you can be the judge.

Step 1: Project Management

When you get started on a video project, with us, the first thing we’ll do is introduce you to your project manager. Your project manager will be with you through your entire project. So, you’ll always have someone to go to with your questions. The first thing they’ll do is send you a questionnaire asking for details about your project and the information that needs to be in the video. The project manager will ensure that this is all communicated to the rest of the team.

Project managers will also own the communication process with you! To make sure we stay on the same page, they will send you a weekly status email every Monday with goals for our team as well as yours. The emails also include a table of links to all the crucial parts of your project. So, you won’t have to dig through emails looking for links. Your project manager will also be able to provide you with a timeline for your project, and will make sure it gets done on time. They’ll essentially be your project BFF for the entire process–and they’ll be your liaison between the video team and the scriptwriters.

Step 2: Scriptwriting

Speaking of scriptwriters, we have a skilled scriptwriting team that will ensure you have great scripts for your video projects. You will get a dedicated scriptwriter for your entire project. This means that the writing and editing will all stay consistent. They will write your script based on the questionnaire that is given to the project manager.

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We have a two-revision scripting process included in each contract. So, the scriptwriter will start by sending you a first draft, gathering your edits–then sending you a second draft. They’ll gather your edits once more, then send you a script for final approval. Usually, we can get the job done with two drafts. Once the draft is approved, we’ll create an asset script to collect any needed screenshots or assets, and provide you with a dropbox link to put them in. Once we have these, we can move to style framing.

Step 3: Style Framing

Once the script has been approved, we send it to the animation team. They will take the script and produce style frames. Style frames introduce your script in the style that you selected during the questionnaire process.

You’ll be able to get a taste of the look and feel of the videos. This also gives us the opportunity to make changes, before we go into the animation process where extra revision rounds can mean extra fees. Once the style frames are approved, they will be sent to the production team.


Step 4: Video Animation

The animation process mirrors the scripting process because we also do it in two revision rounds with a final approval. The first draft, or drafts, of your video(s) will be delivered with what we call scratch audio. Scratch audio is when a member of our team records the audio before we have the professional voiceover artist, that you’ve selected, to do the recording. We do this so you can make slight scripting tweaks, and we can make sure we have the read noted perfectly for the professional artist. 

We’ll send you the videos in our favorite editing platform, Frame, and we ask that you note the edits there. Frame will allow you to make detailed edits on the extac parts of the videos that need to be fixed. It also prevents edits from getting lost in emails. Once we get your first round of video edits, we’ll fix the videos, send the second draft along for final edits. Then, we’ll ask for your final approval.

Step 5: Delivery

Once we have your final approval, we’ll deliver the video(s) finalized for you, and your project manager will send you a dropbox link so you can download the videos. 

So, still on the fence? We hope not, but if you are, chat with us! We’d love to talk with you more about your video needs and how we can help!