Should you use an online animated video maker or hire a video production company?

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We know 87% of marketers are using video and 54% of consumers are saying they want more of it in 2020. And what happens as trends grow? The supply begins to match the demand. This is why, as a marketer, you may have noticed more and more online animated video makers popping up. Online video creators allow companies to make their own videos without hiring a video production team. But is it worth it?

Sometimes using an online video maker could make sense for your company–other times, the quality of your video may suffer. Which, as a marketer, could defeat the purpose of making a video in the first place. Whether you’re trying to drive more website traffic, get click-throughs on your CTA’s, or simply build brand awareness, we’ll walk you through which option we think is best depending on your marketing goals.

editing video animation on computer

Marketing goal: build brand awareness through social media

Brand awareness videos can be some of the most fun to make because they’re centered around showcasing your brand’s personality! It’s easy to add humor or be “weird” in these types of videos. They typically perform the best on social media platforms, where the uniqueness of these types of videos can quickly catch a scroller’s eye. 

If there’s one place you don’t want to miss the target, it’s conveying your brand personality and mission to potential clients. That’s why we recommend working with a video production company to create this type of video. You’ll have the chance to talk with a team of animation professionals that specialize in conveying a message or feeling through animation. Relying on the templated layouts of an animated explainer video creator could limit your ability to really showcase your brand.

Marketing goal: Increase clicks on your website call-to-action

What does it take to get a new website visitor to sign up for your newsletter, call a sales rep, or sign up to receive a product demo? Our team has found adding an animated explainer video to the homepage of your website that gives a quick, engaging, and clear overview of your product or service–followed with a CTA below it–to be effective. 

When people land on your website, they should be able to have a clear understanding of your offering within seconds. You can achieve this by using an animated explainer video (AKA company intro video) because it’s an attention grabbing way that doesn’t require them to read, or really, any effort on their part. It’s presented to them. 

We recommend using a video production company if you want to create an explainer video so that your messaging isn’t forced into a cookie-cutter format. That being said, if your video script is strong enough on its own, then some more basic animations may still be enough to drive an action from viewers. So, an animated video maker where you design your video yourself (and write the script yourself) could potentially work. But ultimately, you will get what you pay for and with a weak script, you can lose an audience very quickly.

Marketing goal: drive website traffic

There are loads of different ways to drive website traffic, to name a few:

  • Run online ads (think Google banner ads)
  • Use social media
  • Format website content for SEO
  • Write guest blog posts

Video can be used in online ads, on social media, even embedded within blog content. Here, we believe using a video production company or an online animated video maker can work–mainly because these types of videos should simply be very short and eye-catching. Typically, their goal is to intrigue with one simple phrase or offering that prompts the viewer to click.

While working with a production company will ensure you capture the voice of your company and are able to customize any nuances, you can still create a video that’ll POP on your own with an animated video maker online. Since script writing or audio aren’t as robust in these videos, the production time required goes down.

We hope this helps you figure out how you pursue your next online video marketing goals! Now, even if you know the video resource you want to use but not sure which type of video you want, read our post on the differences between animated explainer videos and software demos.