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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when it comes to videos, there’s a lot that can be said. When you think about it, the words that are spoken during a video have the power to inspire, uplift, sadden, or even teach the viewer. The words in a script can be some of the most impactful you’ll write, but where do you even begin? Here at Render Pilots, we have a team of people that are ecstatic to make your videos and that starts with great scripts. Some of our best experiences have been getting to know clients and their businesses through writing scripts. We love learning and growing and scriptwriting is a perfect way to do that! Here are four things that are key to getting you your dream script!

Creative Brief

First things first, here at Render Pilots, we pride ourselves on researching your company and product. However, we are definitely not experts. You are the expert, and we want to hear from you! So, we’ll ask you to fill out our questionnaire. Our scriptwriters have been trained to pick up on specific things in the questionnaire to put together a great script! Our goal by the end of the scriptwriting process is to be experts in your product, so we can be of better assistance.

A scriptwriter that knows their stuff

Having a scriptwriter that knows what they are doing is key to a great script. Many people know how to write memos and essays, but scripts are a whole different beast. They are meant to be read out loud. So, they have to lend themselves well to that. You may notice that when you get your script back, the grammar isn’t perfect. Don’t freak out, it just means that the script flows better with “and” or “but” at the beginning of the sentence–we’re not crazy… at least, that crazy. 😉 Which leads to our next key thing…

A method to our madness

We’re crazy about making sure you love your script by the end of the scripting process. We have a basic scripting method that gives us a jumping off point and can be edited to be exactly what you’d like! So, you don’t have to worry about the outline of the script, unless you want to. If you hear or see a script you like, send it to us, and we’ll do our best to mimic the style in your videos.


One of the most important things to have during the scripting process is collaboration between our team and yours! We want to be experts in your product by the end, but in order to get there, we need your guidance and feedback on the script. So, collaboration between both teams is crucial to making the script all you want it to be and more.

So, have we got you hooked? Hopefully we do. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, and ask! We love talking about our processes and making sure our clients are 100% happy with the scripts and ultimately, their videos!