Video Learning & Online Video Statistics Post Coronavirus

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The combination of today’s technological advancements and the outbreak of Coronavirus have led to unprecedented times. Teachers are becoming online instructors, families are having weekly video calls to catch up, and we’re all becoming experts at binge-watching our favorite streamed shows. It’s in these times that we’re seeing massive shifts in the way video learning and online video are being used to connect and grow. It’s truly incredible.

Our team was really curious to understand if–and how– these changes were being tracked across our country and around the globe. So, we took to the internet and scoured data resources to discover online video and video learning statistics that have been released since the COVID-19 outbreak. We can’t jump to any conclusions from our findings, but they suggest that video will continue to become an integral part of our daily lives. So, read on to discover what the future of video looks like! We’ve shared our sources at the bottom of this article.

8 Video Learning and Video Stats Post-Coronavirus

Have you noticed changes in your own life to the way video is playing a role? We’ll continue to research new findings as they come out and will keep this article updated!



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