Online video and collaboration tools we use when working with you

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We want clients to feel as prepared as possible before working with us and we think sharing our toolkit in advance can help.  We’ve made a list of the video sharing and collaboration tools we use with clients during the production process. 

Our goal in using these platforms is to keep things organized and to reduce miscommunication. When we’re revising scripts, storyboards, audio or video files, these platforms keep files consolidated and prevent assets from getting lost in a sea of long email threads.

These are all free, online tools–most of which you’ve probably heard of or use yourself!  We encourage new clients to install the tools to help ensure a smooth and seamless collaboration process.  


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that we use to host virtual meetings with clients. We love getting to talk to our clients in real-time since it’s always the best way to build relationships. (And usually the most effective way for 100% clear communication).

When working together, we’ll send you a calendar invite with a Zoom link in it. When it’s time for that meeting, just click the link and it will prompt the app to open. And heads up–we usually just stick with an audio call, not a video call! 


If you haven’t used Dropbox, you’ve probably heard of it! Dropbox has been a tried and true cloud-sharing tool that our company uses both internally and externally. 

We use Dropbox for clients to upload assets and files such as their branding guidelines, logos, videos, etc. Free Dropbox accounts offer 2GB of storage.

Google Docs

Many companies live and breathe in the Google Cloud Suite–we are no exception! We use Google Docs to collaborate on documents such as questionnaires and scripting.  

We like Google Docs because it makes editing and leaving comments within documents easy and clear. Whether you’re highlighting a section of text to comment on, or re-writing a “suggested edit”, it helps us understand what you’re looking for in real-time. is a collaboration platform specifically designed for video. We’ll use this to share drafts of our video with you. You can leave comments, edits, and any feedback directly within a video clip and we’ll have the ability to instantly see it. This makes revising video that much faster because we aren’t waiting on delayed approvals. 

Plus, video files are large files that take up a lot of the (limited) space provided by other free online collaboration tools, but since is designed specifically for video, we don’t have to worry about slow uploads or maxing out our storage space.

We hope this quick overview of tools we use is helpful–our goal is to guide you safely through the video animation process, like the (Render) Pilots we are!