Which KPIs Should You Measure for Your Social Video Campaign?

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The stage has been set for a perfect video marketing campaign. Your goal is simply brand awareness, and you’re hoping to reach as big of a new audience as possible. You’ve created a high-quality explainer video, shared it on social media, and have a schedule to keep sharing it periodically. 

But what key performance indicators (KPIs) should you be tracking in order to know if it’s performing well? And what’s more, what are the industry standards around these KPIs so you can know where your video stands among its competition?

Before we answer these questions, let’s walk through best practices for sharing your video on social media, first. Video is a powerful tool but it still needs a proper marketing strategy to be as impactful as possible. So, here are some marketing tips to keep in mind when sharing your video on social media:

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Best Practices for Sharing Video on Social Media

  • Research Best Times. There are lots of companies out there that have done the hard research and analysis for you. Use one of these tools to see the best days of the week (and what times) to post on different social media channels. It’s a very easy way to gain all the momentum possible for each social post.
  • Use Hashtags. At this point, every social channel is using hashtags. Not only should you include hashtags in your video posts, but also hashtags from different “angles”. For example, include the hashtags “#explainervideo” and “#customerservice” if one of your company’s best features is its customer service, and the former hashtag to explain the type of content you’re sharing. 
  • Change Wording & Feature Image. Use a free design tool like Canva to create different feature images for your social posts. Do not simply use the exact same message for each platform, repeatedly over weeks or months. Also focus on pulling a unique feature of your video out and putting it in words for your social posts.

So, now that we have some best practices outlines, let’s talk about how to measure their success!

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Which KPIs to Measure for Your Awareness-Level Social Video Campaign

As mentioned earlier, we’re pretending the goal of this social video campaign is brand awareness. This is the first stage in the marketing funnel and it’s goal is to simply be seen by new audiences! So, high-level KPIs are what we’re going to focus on.


A video impression is not quite a video view, but it’s a stepping stone in that direction. Whether your video is shared on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram, an impression is when your video’s thumbnail appears in front of a potential viewer. For example, someone scrolling through their social media feed may see the video thumbnail–from there, they either keep scrolling or stop to watch. 

In order to maximize your chances of having them stop to watch, you need to optimize the time of day you’re posting, as well as using relevant hashtags.


This one is pretty straightforward–views refers to someone watching your video. Since most videos on social channels preview without audio, a view usually means they had to click on your video to either turn on the audio or to maximize the video preview screen. Some kind of click on your video is a great indicator for interest and can help paint a more granular picture of your video’s performance. 

This is where using tools like Canva to create eye-catching preview images can help rapidly communicate to viewers the purpose of your video. Realistically, you have just a few seconds to capture any scroller and testing out different images and wording is critical.

Watch Time

Watch time refers to the average drop-off point of video viewers. Did most viewers hang on for ten seconds? Three seconds? One whole minute? The average drop-off time is thirty seconds, and this KPI provides incredible insight into the effectiveness of your video. 

Watch time can be a good indicator of whether or not your video delivers what it promises to deliver in its preview. Because for the viewers that are genuinely interested in your brand, they should be hanging on longer than the average thirty seconds. 

There you have it! Before launching your next video social media marketing campaign, know where to track these three KPIs within each social platform that you’ll be using to promote your video. Curious how to optimize your video for each social channel? Read about it in this post from Render Pilots.