How your explainer video is building your brand awareness

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Ever wonder what sets you apart from your competitor in the eyes of your prospects?  Well, a lot of things might set you apart–but if you aren’t clearly conveying that through brand awareness, you’re missing the chance to leave a lasting impression.

While it sounds basic, for prospects to make a purchase, they need to know your brand exists. Brand awareness is the probability that a customer recognizes your brand, products or services. Strong brand awareness can help put your brand top-of-mind, and video marketing is the best route to get there. 

Video is eye-catching

First, let’s face the facts. 80% of the population would rather watch a video than read long text, and 90% of consumers say that video helps influence their buying decision. Video is the link between what you say and who you are. Effective video gives customers a backstage pass to your brand, and you should never compromise on quality. Motion, in general, is more eye-catching and performs better. Motion graphics receive 55% more engagement on social media, and video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined, so use it. 

Social media users have mastered consuming static content on a quick scroll through, so still images rarely stop a scrolling thumb. Video, on the other hand,  auto plays, which catches a scrollers eye and forces them to stop their scroll to consume more. All videos autoplay without sound, meaning videos have to be clicked on to be heard, which also increases engagement

prospect watch video

Video tells better stories

The most successful brand awareness videos have a unique edge and quality content, which leads us to storytelling.  Unless you have an amazing photographer and some uber dramatic lighting, a photo won’t pull on customers’ heart strings quite like a video. Video conveys emotion better than text and static images, allowing customers to build a stronger connection to your story and your brand. Video storytelling uses relatable narrative-based content that focuses on a customer’s pain points, stems an emotional connection, provides a solution and builds trust. Using a storytelling technique draws people in, holds their attention spans longer and makes them more invested in the narrative. In turn, video marketing is not only more relatable, but also more memorable.  

Video is easy to understand

In addition to being more memorable, video is also easier to understand. Videos are a lifesaver when it comes to learning a difficult concept quickly. We all know that a large portion of being an adult is Googling answers to questions and watching YouTube videos. There are few things you can’t learn through a quick search, and 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. Customers like convenience. The easier and more enjoyable it is to learn about your brand, the more likely consumers are to convert or even share your content. 

Customers aren’t looking got be sold, in fact, they’re sick of being sold. The whole reason Facebook rebuilt their algorithm in 2018 was partially to drive marketers nuts, but mostly to suppress business heavy and salesy content. We know your main objective is sales, but nobody likes an in-your-face sales-guy.  Use video to backdoor your way into a sale, expand your reach, explain difficult concepts, breakdown products, address tough pain points and increase your return on investment. Speaking of ROI, 88% of video marketers have reported that video gives them a positive ROI.  

Some new companies devote nearly half of their initial investment to creating brand awareness. Video marketing increases brand awareness by 54%.  Using video to promote awareness also establishes a sense of trust and safety in addition to brand recognition. There is no better way to grab people’s attention and keep your brand top-of-mind.