How we built a $25K/month business creating videos

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We love helping instructors, product marketing managers, or any of our readers feel prepped in trying their hand at video content creation. But how did we develop this knowledge and become experts ourselves? 

By bringing together a team of video, scriptwriting, audio and animation creators that have spent years mastering their craft. Did you know some of us used to work together at a different company? In this post, we’re sharing insights from an interview with Project Hatch about how our team blossomed into Render Pilots and how we’ve built a $25K/month business creating videos.

Our co-founders cover everything from how they saw the silver lining opportunity from another company going out of business, to sharing their favorite productivity books. Check out the full interview by clicking on the picture below: 

The startup world is a challenging–but incredibly rewarding–world that only the most motivated and self-disciplined can last in. We want to share our experience to help inspire and motivate other startup founders or entrepreneurs to keep following their dreams!