How to write a company intro video script

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So you’re looking to write a company intro video script? It might sound simple, but it can actually be quite complex. It’s tricky to know where to start, what to say, or how to even format your script. Look no further, though, we are here to help! Here are answers to few of the biggest FAQs when it comes to writing a video marketing introduction script.

How Long Should a Company Intro Video Be?

The biggest battle with company intro video scripts is keeping them short and simple. It’s easy to get tangled up in all the details. After all, people want to know all the details about your company, right?

Well, sort of… You see, many of us are victims of the “microwave mentality.” Meaning we are used to getting things super fast. If something takes more than a minute, many people sign out. So, try to keep the video between 45-60 seconds or around 145 words. If you can hook your audience with a short introduction video, you can tell them more later. Leave them wanting more.

What Do You Say in an Intro Video?

The best way to start an introduction video script is by focusing on the problem or pain point your company’s solution solves. Then introduce your company as the solution and give a three sentence overview of who your company is. Then hook the audience with an engaging closing to get them to speak with you more about your solution.

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How Do You Format a Video Script?

The first thing to understand is there are many types of scripts, and they are all formatted differently. The format depends on things like if you have multiple voice actors reading the script, if you need to include visuals with your writing, or if you are writing for marketing vs. a play.

Our favorite way to write a company intro video script is by creating a table with two columns. The first column should be thicker and that’s where you write the script itself. The next column can be skinnier, and that is a great place to note visual notes.

How Do I Start Writing a Script?

Just write down whatever comes to your mind, and don’t worry about the spelling, punctuation, or if it is too long-winded. Get all of your thoughts down on paper, and then step away for a few minutes.

Come back to edit after you’ve rested for a bit. Look at the parts of the script that mean the most to you, and cut out all the fluff. Fix all of the punctuation and spelling last. By allowing yourself to “brain dump” everything at once, you won’t lose any great ideas. You can always delete something, but you can’t always remember it again, once it’s gone.

If this seems intimidating, let us write your company intro video script. We’ve written quite a few, and we would love to write yours too!