How to build trust with your prospects using video

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Having a great product or service is only half the battle in today’s competitive market. You know your product is awesome, but how do you convey that to your clients? Better yet, how do you ensure that they’ll believe you? 

Trust is the foundation to building a successful business, obtaining new clients and retaining existing clients. Gain a person’s trust, and you’ve earned yourself a new client. Easy enough, right? Not quite. Trust is hard to establish through cold text or lame static images. Consumers want to feel something from your message. They want to know that you relate to them, understand their problem and can therefore provide a solution. They also want all of this to happen as quickly as possible. Consumers’ attention spans are short and their expectations are high. Video is your answer. 

Video provides a human-centric connection with your audience, that can quickly establish trust by showcasing your products, services, culture and values in just a few minutes…or even seconds! In this article, we’ll go over ways you can use video to better engage potential prospects by effectively incorporating video into your marketing plan.

Become a storyteller

Content Marketing is all the rage in this digital era, and content marketing is based entirely on story-telling. Humans will always turn their ear toward the best story, so it’s time to step up your game! Storytelling is a proven method for relating to your customers on a more personal level. A great storyline in a well-executed video will not only impress your audience, but will give them all the feels and leave them wanting to learn more. 

Video sparks a stronger connection between you and your audience, and can also be shared in a variety of ways. Video is a flexible asset that can be distributed through email, social media, landing pages, video conferences or in-person meetings. Telling your company’s story through video ensures a polished, consistent delivery across multiple platforms, which increases brand awareness and establishes trust. It’s a no-brainer.

watch company intro video

Increase brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness creates a positive ripple for your business. Consumers can’t use you if they don’t know who you are, and they won’t use you if they don’t know what you’re about. After you’ve confidently developed your brand, promote it! You could shout how amazing you are from the rooftops, but we recommend using video instead. Especially since 86% of brands claim that videos have helped them boost brand awareness and online presence.

One of the best forms of video for brand awareness is an explainer video. This can be live-action or an animated explainer video. An explainer video is only a couple minutes long and focuses on capturing your products, services and vision through story-telling. (See how it all links together?) People emotionally connect with stories, which makes them feel more strongly about your brand and more likely to share your video with others, increasing brand awareness.

Showcase products and services

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words do you think a video is worth? The answer to this question has been heavily debated, but the general consensus is A LOT. In fact, Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, once stated “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” Regardless of the exact number of words a video may be worth, we know without doubt that captivating visuals are more powerful than written content, especially when it comes to showcasing a product or a service. 

According to Animoto, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service. Video is a powerful resource that can quickly and clearly educate a consumer on a product or service in a more engaging way that leaves a positive impression of a company. 81% of businesses saw an increase in sales after incorporating video into their marketing plans. You could be part of that 81%!

Leverage customer testimonials

People trust reviews from strangers as much or more than they trust reviews from friends or family members. So, let’s give them something to talk about! Developing a great product or service is one step, starting a conversation about your products or services is a whole new level. Consumers trust testimonials more than they believe what a company says about itself.

Since video captures both your auditory and visual senses, it’s the best tool for building trust by evoking emotions. When a consumer sees a peer showing gratitude and feeling happy and relieved because of your product or service, they reciprocate those emotions.  Leverage consumer video testimonials to not only earn credibility and trust, but to also become a larger part of the consumer conversation. 

In conclusion...

With at least 85% of businesses using video in their marketing strategies, you’ll be left in the dust if you don’t jump on board. Incorporating video into your content planning can be fun, and will most certainly pay off. There is no better way to tell your story, build brand awareness and establish trust with your audience. Contact Render Pilots today to get started!