Educational/ Training

What is it?

Educational and training videos are great for teaching students, onboarding employees, and helping customers understand a company’s products or services. They consist of multiple videos, typically 1-3 min in length, that are broken up by topics. Each video explains a different topic in detail, only focusing on one concept at a time. This helps viewers know exactly what videos to reference when they have questions they need answered.


  • Uses multiple senses (sight and sound) to improve comprehension
  • Improves student confidence
  • Increases customer satisfaction ratings by reducing confusion
  • Effectively communicates more information in a shorter period of time

Why it’s effective:

Video not only packs more content into a shorter amount of time, but viewers can pause and rewind videos as many times as they need to for better comprehension. With the majority of the population being visual learners, having video to educate your audience can help your viewers understand difficult concepts sooner.

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