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One of the most exciting stages of our process is animation. This is where we begin designing the rest of the assets needed for your video and add movement to them. This is the most time-consuming part of the production process, but also one of the most rewarding. Our animation team works hard to bring your script to life, creating a high-end video to use in your marketing efforts.

Behind the Scenes

You may be wondering what goes into the animation process. Here’s a preview of what a project file might look like:

whiteboard videos maker

As you can see, projects can consist of hundreds and sometimes thousands of layers that all have to be manually adjusted to achieve your final video. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a great process to manage all of this chaos and you’ll never have to worry about it on your end.

However, what’s shown in the above image is only the tip of the iceberg. Animation requires mastering a variety of softwares and techniques to create just a single video. Over the years, we’ve honed our abilities to create a production pipeline that seamlessly conquers the challenges animation has to offer.

Video Revisions

When you receive your first draft, there may be some animations that don’t quite match what you were expecting. Don’t be alarmed, this is part of the revision process, and one of the ways we come to better understand your expectations for the project. We include 2 rounds of revisions for animation, allowing for plenty of opportunities to provide feedback and let us know how we can best tailor the video to your needs.

The first round of revisions is normally where all the biggest changes occur, if there are any. The second revision round typically consists of fewer comments, since most of the significant changes are addressed in the first round. If you’d like to have additional revision rounds, you are welcome to have as many as you’d like with a budget adjustment.

Once your video is ready for review, we’ll post it on a platform for your team to comment on. After all of your revisions have been added, we implement your comments and update the animation to reflect your revisions. In order to ensure we make the most out of each revision round, we ask that you include all of your team’s feedback before proceeding to the next draft.

What’s Next?

After the animation is approved and finalized, we send your video off to sound design!