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Help your message stand out with a custom animation. 

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We are a full service studio that specializes in animated explainer and product videos — meaning that we take care of everything from concept development to final animation.

We’re passionate about creating animated content that speaks to your audience. Video is a powerful marketing tool that can boost your brand image and increase customer engagement.

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Increase web conversions when you have a video on your website.

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Increase in organic traffic from search engines.

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Increase click-through rate on your emails when you include a video.

How many words does 1 minute of video equal?

1.8 million

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading.

59% of executives would
rather watch a video than read text.

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Production Process

Whether you’re making a single video or hundreds, we’ve designed our production process to handle it.  It’s built to be simple, informative, and efficient for every project. 

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  • Client Nymcard
  • Style Animated Explainer
  • Description Nymcard came to us looking for a video to showcase at their upcoming conference. The purpose was to show off the benefits of their payment platform.