5 animation ideas for your next marketing video

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“Animation” is a pretty general term and most of us default to thinking of Bugs Bunny or Toy Story when we hear it. But the use of animation in corporate or marketing videos is an incredibly effective way to spice up what could be an otherwise boring topic. In order to spark some animation ideas for your next marketing campaign, first, here are a few facts on the benefits of animation over live action video:

  1. Not only can animated explainer videos be less intimidating than live action for explaining complex topics, but they are also more versatile. Animation has the ability to explain more abstract ideas and make the intangible seem tangible. 

2. Animated videos may seem like they have a longer production time, but they don’t necessarily do. Think about it, coordinating the schedules of actors, filmers, producers, choosing a location to film, choosing the right time of day to film, getting the necessary equipment…it’s a lot. Creating animated videos often is as simple as one person working away at their computer. 

3. Live action videos limit you to the real world, while animation is developed on a computer screen, the backgrounds are drawn, the characters are designed and the production process allows for a whole new level of unique creativity. Let that imagination run wild…but if it maybe runs a little too wild, guess what? Animation is easier to alter than live action! Whether you want to make changes at the very end of the production process, or six months down the road, you can easily edit your video without worrying about scheduling reshoots, sets or actors. 

Now that you know the benefits of animated videos, let’s go over the different style types to inspire your own animation ideas!

animated man waving hello

Stop motion animation–go old school

Stop motion is the OG of animation. Stop motion was the first technique used to give illustrated figures the impression of movement. This type of video animation can be used to convey an old-school animation idea or give an old-fashioned feel. For marketing or explainer video purposes, stop motion is a popular choice due to its versatility. We love versatility! 

Simple yet creative stop motion animation ideas are easily retained in people’s minds, and longer videos have a better viewing rate because it’s difficult to peel your eyes away from this cool creative approach. Additionally, this style is great for explaining tedious topics in a more clear, fun way.

Animated demos–endless possibilities

Animated product demo videos allow you to show your clients and consumers exactly how something works in any environment you can dream. Break out of the real world and give your demo an edge by animating your idea, whether logical or illogical, animation can bring it to life. This bold approach is entertaining and intriguing enough to win the hearts of consumers and the minds of students and employees. 

While the sky’s the limit with story ideas, simple and easy to understand can be just as effective. Check out this video by Western Union on mobile bill payments. The animation is simple, clear and the message is concise, effectively serving its purpose while keeping its viewers engaged. 

3D animation video–make it POP!

2-dimensional videos work well, but sometimes the component of depth is necessary to better convey complex physical products. 3D animated explainer videos can provide significant detail that live action videos simply cannot. A 3D video can even convey a product that doesn’t exist yet! 

The life-like style of 3D animation not only makes your video animation more entertaining, but it provides a better viewing experience in general…and it also looks pretty fancy, so that’s a plus. 3D animation is a great component to add to your story ideas, but it can also be time consuming and costly, so make sure you carefully calculate the optimal times to use this feature.

Whiteboard animation–a new spin on classic teaching style

Use an animated whiteboard presentation instead of a whitepaper presentation. We’ve all experienced a presenter pull out an easel, giant pad of paper and marker to help support their argument or presentation. This can either be effective or ineffective…depending on your drawing abilities. 

Did you know that video software exists that can draw your presentation for you? This style of video can be used in a classroom, a training or even a sales pitch to replace the ol’ stand-and-deliver type of presentation. In a classroom or training situation, a whiteboard video is a good way to break down text heavy information into a simple, more engaging delivery of your message. 

In a corporate sales situation, a whiteboard presentation allows for consistency in messaging. Instead of sending out a PowerPoint presentation to all your sales people and hoping for the best, send out a spiffy whiteboard video that will not only look more polished in a meeting, but will also ensure the appropriate information is being delivered.

Flipbook animation–flip and repeat

Have you heard of a little something called a flipbook? A flipbook presents a series of pictures in rapid succession that makes the images appear like they are moving. This style of animation is almost as OG as stop-motion. But not quite. Flipbooks can be literal books, but aren’t always. 

There are several different styles and executions. One interesting style is a human flipbook like the one shown in this video that cycles through 150 static images on shirts. If drawing isn’t your thing, there are also video flip books that actually cut a moving video into static images that can be flipped through to reinvent the motion. Flipbooks are not only an inexpensive form of marketing, which we love, but they are memorable, reliable and unique.

Now that we’ve given an overview of these five types of animation, let’s start brainstorming your next animated video!