3 tips to marketing your video in 2020

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The moment has finally arrived: you’ve received your brand new video and can’t wait to start sharing it. You’re ready to welcome the leads generated by this video. But this begs the question: what is the most effective way to market your video? 

Below we outline three tips for marketing your video to increase its exposure and ultimately help drive sales.

1. Share Your Video On Social Media

Sharing video has never been easier in this day and age. With the click of a button, you can upload a video to any social platform. Different audiences prefer different social platforms and content on any social feed disappears under new content within minutes of being posted. That’s why we recommend sharing your video multiple times on multiple different social platforms. This will help make sure you reach as many people within your target audience as possible. 

Social platforms like Twitter have such fast-moving feeds that you can get away with sharing the same content repeatedly without looking “spammy”. But avoid doing this with all platforms, especially Linkedin or Instagram. Here’s a guide to the best times to post for different platforms. Be sure to include hashtags that are relevant to your target audience in all of your posts. 

A great video will also do a lot of the marketing work for you. What does that mean exactly? Think about how often you’re scrolling through your Facebook or LinkedIn feed and see a video that has thousands of likes, comments, or views. These videos have practically grown legs of their own as they run across the internet, being marketed for free by thousands of people just looking to share something they find interesting. This is known as viral marketing, which is of course the gold mine of advertising and isn’t always guaranteed, but posting content to platforms is where these marketing unicorns begin.

2. Budget for Paid Advertisements

As great as it is to have organic traffic, sometimes your video needs a financial boost to break through the clutter. Creating a marketing budget for online platforms is an effective method for helping your video appear in front of more viewers. You can run paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and several other websites to reach as many people as possible. With a controlled budget, you can target a specific audience that will benefit the most from your video’s message.

If you’ve never run paid ads online before, keep in mind that it’s helpful to start with a smaller budget to test out which websites generate the most leads for your business. After some trial and error, you should find that your video performs better when marketed on some platforms more than others. Once you’re able to distinguish which websites generate better responses, you can bump up your marketing budget and pour more resources into boosting your video on those platforms.

3. Add Video to Your Email Campaigns

Billions of emails are sent every single day. For most people, their personal and work lives are dependent on emails, meaning inboxes get checked multiple times a day. As a business, having a large database of lead/customer emails is a helpful way to educate people about new products or services you’re offering. 

However, because inboxes are inundated everyday with various offers and messages, it can be hard to stand out. Adding video to your email campaigns has been shown to increase click-through rates by 300%. With greater click-through rates, you have more opportunities to share your message and generate interest.

There are of course many other ways to market your video, but these three tips are a great starting point. No matter how incredible a video is, it won’t be an effective conversion tool unless people get to watch it. Make sure you have a stellar marketing plan set up to get the most of your videos in 2020!

Interested in making your first marketing video, but not sure where to start? Reach out to us at Render Pilots!