3 differences between animated explainer videos & software demos

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Animated videos for business are one of the best marketing tools in the corporate world. Companies that use animated videos see an 80% increase in web conversions and gain a 300% click through rate just by adding videos to their emails! That’s way too big to ignore. 

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in video. The two most popular video types are animated explainer videos and software demos. They might sound the same, but they’re pretty different. So, let’s dive into the differences between the two.

Different Video Goals

While there are similarities between animated explainer videos and software demos, they’re ultimately achieving different goals.  An animated explainer video is more like an elevator pitch for your company. It explains what you do and why you do it, while still being engaging to your audience. 

A software demo is more like a mini, bite-sized demo of your product. The video briefly introduces the pain point you solve and highlights your product as the solution. Then it dives into a high-level software demo to give your prospects a taste of what you can do. These work exceptionally well for SaaS companies.

Different Video Styles

Do you want a video that helps quickly educate prospects? Or, are you looking for a video that takes a deep-dive into explaining your product? 

If you’re looking for the first, you need an animated explainer video. When producing this type of video, you’ll focus more on a high-level overview of what you do while also showcasing your brand personality. Prospects should understand what your product can do for them and why they should buy it. 

If you’re looking for an option that’s more of a deep dive, that’s the software demo. When producing this type of video, you will focus more on what your product can do and how it does it by using screen recordings for a high impact show-and-tell. Prospects should not only understand the “what” and “how” of your product, but also its differentiating factors from your competitors.

Different Levels of the Buyer's Journey

The different video types speak to prospects that are in different levels of their buyer’s journey. If a prospect is just beginning to research a solution to their problem, then they’re in the “awareness” phase. Use an animated explainer video to quickly grab their attention by highlighting your product or service. This type of video will provide a glimpse of your company, what you’re about, and the feel of your brand/personality–without overwhelming the prospect with information.

If a prospect already knows your solution and is comparing it against your competitors’, then they’re in the “consideration” phase. This is where a software demo video can be used to showcase exactly how your product is the right fit for them. It’s a non-committal way for them to get more technical details on your solution; they don’t need to speak with a sales rep quite yet but can still dive deeper on your solution. 

When it comes to animated videos for business, both animated explainer videos and software demo videos are great options. It’s just important to know your goal, the style of video you want, and where your prospects are at in their buyer’s journey–so you can start boosting the ROI of your video!