Our 10 Biggest Corporate Video No-No’s

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We know you’re excited to get started on your corporate video! A corporate video is the best reflection of a company’s story, culture and purpose. Before you go full-speed ahead, pump the brakes to learn about Render Pilots’ top ten corporate video no-no’s. These are valuable tips to keep in mind as you start your video planning process.  

Don’t make your corporate video too long

Find your sweet spot! Think of your audience as Goldilocks, your video should be not too long, not too short, but just right. How do you know what’s just right? Your video should be long enough to cover your topic and not a second longer. With attention spans shrinking by the day, we only have a few precious seconds to capture attention, and a longer video has a higher risk of losing attention. So get to the point! Try to get your message across in two minutes or less.

woman at laptop bored

Don’t try TOO hard in your corporate video

“Don’t try too hard” means get rid of the fluff. Write your script and then trim it down to the bare essentials. You want your corporate video to be authentic and sincere, so don’t use too many bells and whistles. Avoid flashy visual effects that will distract from your message and strive for a natural storyline that doesn’t seem too scripted. 

Don’t use terrible stock music

Music is another corporate video effect that needs to be just right. Nothing will deter your audience faster than cringy stock music. Good music is critical to a video’s success, but as a supplement to your message and not a distraction. Make sure your music doesn’t steal the show! 

Don’t give the camera-shy guy or gal a lead role

If your lead doesn’t love the camera, the camera won’t love them. Your corporate video should feature someone who feels comfortable being filmed.-A natural, if you will. That camera-shy guy or gal just won’t do. Big energy is necessary to keep your video from seeming boring. Choose someone who is well-spoken, can maintain eye contact and is genuinely enthusiastic about your brand. 

Don’t go into production without a clear call-to-action

Your corporate video is a marketing tool and, as such, needs a clear call-to-action. A call-to-action should be determined prior to production and is the next step you want your audience to take after viewing your video. Avoid making your video seem too salesy, but encourage your audience to take action. Your audience needs direction, so tell them what to do! Whether your CTA is subscriptions, link clicks, phone calls or website visits, your audience should have no doubt about their next step after viewing your video. 

Don’t promote on just one channel

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, oh my! One of the most commonly made mistakes after making a corporate video is not sharing it for exposure. Push your video out on as many platforms and through as many marketing channels as possible, but keep in mind that people interact with video on each platform differently, so make adjustments accordingly. If you’re not sure how to adjust your video for each social platform, we’ve got this handy guide to help you.

social media icons on phone

Don’t forget the script is the video’s backbone

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your script is the backbone of your corporate video. A solid script not only guides production, but can help avoid drawn-out sentences and verbal distractions like “ahs” and “ums.” Focus on your company’s mission, culture and products or services. Your script is your story. It doesn’t need to be glamorous, but it does need to have substance. Writing a compelling script that engages your audience is the most important step in your corporate video process. Check out this article to guide your writing.

Don’t forget mobile

Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. That’s bonkers! Take this staggering statistic into consideration when mapping out your corporate video. As of now, 75% of all video views are on mobile devices. Making your corporate video mobile friendly is no longer a suggestion but a requirement for optimal results. From aspect ratio to captions, be conscious of the ever-growing on-the-go mobile audience.

Don’t ignore video analytics

Channel your inner nerd and start crunching numbers! Video analytics are not only fun to track, but also take the guessing game out of your video’s performance. Analytics tools help you pinpoint what works and what doesn’t to make the necessary changes to your corporate video to ensure success. Look beyond elementary analytics like hearts and comments and embrace advanced measurement tools that identify the exact second your audience lost interest.

Don’t overthink it

In the words of Ray Bradbury, “thinking is the opposite of creativity,” so don’t overthink your corporate video! Feeling overwhelmed or overthinking often leads to procrastination, and could result in your video never reaching completion. Focus on having a clear and concise script as your foundation and don’t get too wrapped up in the intricate details. Keep it simple and trust your foundation; the rest will fall into place. You’ll do great!

Now that you have all the don’ts of making a corporate video, you’re ready to get started! If you’re looking for an awesome team to streamline the production process, we’re on standby and happy to help! Contact us here for more information.